The Team


Evan & Melissa Tate


I, Melissa, started Photo Wagon on my own in 2013 with one trailer, The OG… Lady Bird. I met Evan just a year later and convinced him to be part of my deal. From there we purchased Baby Bird and renovated her in just a few months. Photo Wagon rolled along like that for another year and then came Number 3. And that’s really what it’s name is! Things took off for the business and never slowed down long enough to give that Birdie a legit name. The twins came just a few months later… two Shasta Compact trailers… Lil Bit and Lil Bro. And that’s where Photo Wagon is now!

You can watch the brand video here to see more about it…. HERE



Lady Bird


Meet Lady Bird. I bought this sweet girl in 2011 off of Craigslist. I had recently lost my dad and was looking for something to keep me busy… and something creative to help me carry on his memory. My dad was 56 when he passed away and was possibly the most talented, most sincere, hardest working and just plain COOL person I have ever met. He always said “you can’t teach cool.” And he was right.

Lady Bird and I hit the road in April 2012 as “Sugar Derby Mobile”, a vintage resale shop on wheels. SDM was a spin off from a baking & vintage finds blog I had been writing for a while. I would set up at music festivals, car shows, and swap meets; selling vintage goods. What I noticed is that people always wanted to take pictures… in the trailer, of the trailer, with the trailer. After one year as a mobile resale shop, I decided to hoard all of my vintage finds and turn Lady Bird into Dallas’ First Mobile Photo Booth. And that’s how Photo Wagon was born!

Baby Bird


Meet Baby Bird. Since buying Lady Bird in 2011, vintage travel trailers became so popular. We scoured the internet for months looking for the perfect trailer. A good friend of mine found Baby on Craigslist and it was love at first sight! The post had only been up a few hours but was already set to be looked at by 5 different people the next day and was 4 hours away in Gonzalez, Texas. I convinced the gentleman to sell her to me sight unseen. So with a Pay Pal payment and a dream, I became the owner of my second vintage travel trailer.

Number 3


Meet Number 3. Sweet girl never even got a name! We bought Number 3 from a friend that her purchased the trailer to use as a mobile cupcake shop and never did. She’s the biggest of all 5 trailers with an extra 6 inches sticking off her back end. And after the twins came along, she officially became the middle child.

The Twins


From the very beginning, I wanted a Shasta Compact trailer. But I could never find one! Right after buying Number 3, I found a Compact. Evan and I decided to go ahead and buy it, knowing we would retire Lady Bird at some point… and the very next day after finding the first Compact, I found another one! They were both close to where we live and reasonably priced… so… The Twins were born.

Lil Bro is the one on the left and Lil Bit is on the right. Both are so cute and so fun. Lil Bit is the only one we left the kitchenette in. She’s also the one we take to the State Fair of Texas each year.

And here is the whole team…